Va Provider Agreements

10. In the case of an intermediary organization between the health care company and the health care providers, the non-detention clause contained in sub-section 5 is amended to include non-payment by the plan, the health care provider and the intermediary organisation and is included in each contract between the intermediary organization and the health care providers, as well as in any contract between the public health care company on behalf of MCHIP and the intermediary organization. Summary of information collection: Proposed proposal 17.4110 requires legitimate companies and suppliers to provide information on applicable medical licenses as well as other information requested by the VA to assess eligibility for certification. In accordance with paragraph .b), paragraph 4, of p. 17.4110, the procedure for revoking certification is established in accordance with the obligation to settle such revocation under Article 1703A (c) (2). Paragraph b) (4) (i) provides that the certification of a company or supplier in accordance with Article 108, paragraph 1, regulation (EC) 1007/2009, 17.4010 (b) (2) (ii) – (v). Paragraph b) (4) (ii) provides that VA informs the company or supplier in writing of the proposed revocation if the VA considers the revocation appropriate. The retraction information sets out the concrete reasons for the complaint and informs the company or supplier that it has 30 days of timing from the date of issuance to submit a written response on one of the following: (A) document compliance and proof of the existence of false reasons or (B) provide information and documents proving that the company or supplier: , after notification of the proposed revocation, compliance with all certification criteria in point 17.4110 b) (2) has been met. Paragraph b) (4) (iii) states that, at the end of the 30-day response period, VA takes into account all information and documents submitted by the entity or supplier and determines, within thirty days, whether a revocation is warranted. If VA finds that a revocation is not warranted, VA will communicate with the company or supplier of this decision in writing. If VA determines that a revocation is warranted, the company or supplier immediately loses certified status and VA issues retraction information to the company or supplier.

The revocation information specifies the facts and concrete reasons for the actual date and entry into force of the revocation. Revocation information is VA`s final decision. Finally, paragraph (b) paragraph 4, point iv) states that the withdrawal of certification leads to the cancellation of this status and that the provider or organization cannot provide services or care under a VCA before applying for and obtaining certified VCA status.